Is Ninja in more drama? Is Twitch done? Find out in this weeks Fortnite Weekly News Roundup!


– I think I speak for all of us when I say, we completely expected this to happen. Fortnite releases a new Star Wars Imperial Trooper skin and it looks sick!


– Possible drama alert? It looks like Chap is either jealous or throwing some serious shade at Ninja… This wouldn’t be surprising since Ninja always seems to be at the very top of every Fortnite news story.


– Faze EWOK is no longer streaming… on Twitch that is. EWOK broke the news this week with a clever video. She has finally decided to make the move over to Mixer with the rest of the pro Fortnite streamers. She is joining the likes of Ninja, TheGrefg, Ship, JaredFPS, and many more.


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