Twitch streamer Boobles is in hot water for a complicated situation in which it appears she has been manipulating a man into giving her money.

User DisruptedOrder has been Boobles’s top donator on Twitch. But it turns out that money may not have just been a nice gesture toward a favorite streamer. While there is a lot of “he said she said” going on, and it’s unclear of what is true and what is fake, it appears that DisruptedOrder has lost over $11000 in this exchange.

screenshot discord messages between disruptedorder and boobles
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Both Sides Show Evidence

The Discord and messaging screenshots obtained above suggest that Boobles asked for money on multiple occasions. All with the promise to pay back the money. While her demeanor in these text messages seems nice enough, anyone who has dealt with an untruthful person can see she never intended to pay back the money!

The below image is from Boobles on Twitter, showing an alleged conversation between her and DisruptedOrder. In this message, it shows DisruptedOrder admitting that he faked the screenshots above. According to u/BooblesExposed, who, well, exposed this all on Reddit, DisruptedOrder told him that he doesn’t want Boobles to lose her job or have her reputation ruined. So, because of this wish, he sent her this message saying that he faked the screenshots.

twitter message screenshot between disruptedorder and boobles

Meanwhile, BooblesExposed claims that he has seen Boobles laughing at how she is scamming DisruptedOrder.

One interesting observation from another Reddit user is that in the Discord messages, DisruptedOrder doesn’t use any periods at the end of statements, but in the Twitter message, all of his messages do. This inconsistency is just one reason why the general consensus is that Boobles is lying in this situation.

Did Drugs Play a Role?

In case it needed to get any worse, she may have been manipulating him for money due to cocaine addiction. She apparently has a history of drug abuse. And according to some Reddit comments, she shows a lot of signs of being on cocaine.

reddit comments about cocaine
reddit comments about cocaine

As we can see, this roast of Boobles definitely aged well…

The Takeaway

The worst part about this, for DisruptedOrder, is that it seems Boobles led him on. She convinced him that they had a romantic relationship of some kind. She said she was moving from Chicago to San Diego to be with him, but that never happened. DisruptedOrder obviously had good intentions, to help someone he perceived to be in need. But his apparent naivety has cost him dearly. But, let’s not blame the victim too much. If this is all to be believed, Boobles manipulated someone that she saw was easy to take advantage of. She wants to squeeze as much money out of him as possible.

A huge takeaway from this is to never loan out money if it’s going to put you in a bad situation. Based on the above messages, it looks like DisruptedOrder had to sell his truck, and didn’t have a car of his own to drive, in order to make ends meet. Most streamers say that they appreciate donations. But to only give them if the donator is financially capable of doing so. Even if someone is promising to move across the country to be with you, there’s no excuse for going into debt over them!

What this also shows is that no matter how close you feel to a celebrity of any kind (even a Twitch streamer), they are not your friend. No matter how much money you donate, no matter how many streams you attend, and no matter how many times you meet with them at conventions, it’s important to remember that they are a business and you are a customer. They have a vested interest in pleasing you and convincing you to spend your time and money on them. This is not to say that every celebrity is out for your money. But it does mean you need to be careful about being led in the wrong direction. It’s just business, folks!

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So What’s the Truth?

As we can see, either Boobles or DisruptedOrder is lying. Boobles has more to lose, hence why the community thinks she is the liar in this scenario. We won’t know the truth until we get both sides of the story, and if the entire thing gets taken to court.

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