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Romans, Countrymen, Lend Us Your Ears!

A crystal clear microphone is a must for today’s gamers and streamers. Like it or not, if your stream has bad audio quality, no one will enjoy watching your stream and you’ll lose potential subscribers. The following list of microphones combines quality with reasonable price. But first, a short detour.

What Kind Of Microphone Do Gamers And Streamers Need?

To find your grounding in the world of microphones, you will need to learn about polar patterns and frequency response.

Frequency response tells you how your microphone will act across frequencies. Most microphones range from 20Hz to 20KHz. You will want the model with the widest range.

Polar patterns tell you from which direction will microphone pick up the sound. We will be talking about 3 different types.

A visual representation of different Microphone polar patterns
A good picture says 1000 words
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Omnidirectional pattern picks up the sound from every direction. They are great for podcasting.

A bidirectional pattern
will catch the sound from 2 directions, usually front and back. Microphone with this polar pattern is an excellent choice for streamers.

There are many unidirectional patterns, but the most important for us is cardioid. This type of microphone will pick up sound from sides and front, which is perfect for gamers and streamers.

Top 3 Microphones For Streaming

Electro Voice RE-20 is an excellent cardioid microphone. It has amazing sound quality and great clarity. There are various features that contributed to this: a premium pop filter, multiple wind filters, and a shock mount. RE-20 has slightly smaller frequency response (45 Hz to 18 kHz), but it’s really not that noticeable. The microphone is definitely built to last you a long time.

A photo of RE-20 cardioid microphone
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Samson G-Track Pro is a multi-pattern mic done right. It lets you chose between a few patterns: cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, so you can use it in different environments. It lets you record audio in the ultra-high 24-bit definition. There is also a zero-latency headphone output. G-Track Pro is made from durable zinc and stands on its own, without a microphone arm. This microphone is also pretty affordable. Just plug and play, then you’re ready to roll.

A photo of Samsung G-Track Pro, a multi-pattern microphone
Source: BHphotovideo

AT4040 is a high-end cardioid condenser microphone from Audio Technica. This microphone is externally polarized and has a really wide dynamic range. Transformerless circuitry completely eliminates low frequencies. With AT4040, your voice will sound more professional and inviting.

A photo of AT4040, a premium cardioid microphone
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Top 3 Microphones For Gaming

The gaming microphones are generally a bit cheaper, but their sound quality is still above-average.

Razer Seiren Elite is no joke. Featuring a dynamic capsule that will make your voice sound much warmer – it also neutralizes potential electronic interference. Seiren Elite has a great high-pass filter as well. Distortion doesn’t have a chance thanks to the analog and digital vocal limiters. Audio is recorded in 16-bit quality. There is also zero-latency monitoring, so you will never experience an echo while wearing headphones. Certainly a microphone adequately suitable for both gamers and streamers.

A photo of Razer's Seiren Elite, microphone ideal for gaming and streaming
Source: Amazon

With Rode NT-USB you will easily achieve studio sound. This is only shotgun microphone on the list, but it’s perfect for gaming. Mid-frequencies are elevated, which translates to a warmer sound of your voice. Rode NT records sound in solid 16-bit quality. There’s a direct mix knob which lets you control microphones output and input, leaving no room for surprises. Bottom line, this microphone won’t let you down.

A photo of Rhode-NT shotgun microphone

Audio Technica’s AT2020 is a little brother to the Rode. Another cardioid microphone with great frequency response thanks to the light diaphragm – the sound is solid, but not quite suited for professional streaming. Add 50 bucks and it’ll come with headphones and a mic arm, which is an excellent deal for beginners.

A photo of AT2020, cardioid microphone great for gaming
Source: StudioCare

What microphone do you use for gaming and streaming? Chime in below.


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