A display that says San Francisco Wins at the overwatch championship

The San Francisco Shock were able to overcome such a colossal opponent; The Vancouver Titans. This victory led to the San Francisco Shock claiming the title of 2019 Overwatch League Champions.

The San Francisco Shock won in a surprising fashion, completely sweeping the Vancouver Titans with a final score of 4-0. This was one of the least expected outcomes from all predictions, especially if you include the history between the teams matches against each other.

The San Francisco Shock posing together after their Overwatch League World Championship win
San Francisco Shock after a Stage Finals win

The Shock went into the match-up as the underdogs versus the Vancouver Titans. The San Francisco Shock finished the 2019 Season with an overall record of 23-5, only giving up 5 losses all year. In comparison to their opponent, the Vancouver titans held a record of 25-3, losing just 3 maps the entire season. This was expected to be one of the greatest matches in Overwatch League hstory, but ended up being a clean sweep for the San Francisco Shock.

Choihyobin the San Francisco Shock’s “off tank“, was crowned the Overwatch League grand finals MVP, mainly for his superior plays on the Hero “Sigma”, Overwatch’s newest addition to their hero roster.

Looking To The Next Year For The San Francisco Shock

After the celebrating is over, and confetti is cleaned, how will the San Francisco Shock fair in the next Overwatch League Season?

The San Francisco Shock celebrating their win
The San Francisco Shock

The outlook for the San Francisco Shock’s 2020 season is looking bright as of now. The only possible downfall for the San Francisco Shock is possibly losing their star DPS player “Sinnatra“, originally signed to a $150,000 contract, Sinnatra’s contract will expire this year. Will we see this years Overwatch League MVP move onto to a new team?

How the Shock season will likely look next year will be highly dependent on what happens with Sinnatra’s Contract. As for now, the Shock shall relish in their victory being the 2019 Overwatch League World Champions!

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Check out this highlight reel!

What are your thoughts? Were you rooting for the Shock to dominate or were you sad to see the Titans fall? Do you think Sinnatra will stay with the Shock after his contract expires? Let us know your thoughts below!


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