A Last of Us For The Rest of Us

Naughty Dog’s apocalyptic road trip The Last of Us is finally getting a sequel with the subtly named The Last of Us Part 2. While we’ve been merely teased with brief snippets of gameplay or story, they’re finally giving us some hard details. We actually slightly know why protagonist Ellie is on a murder spree now, and what’s going on with the fungal zombie Clickers a good decade or so on from the last game. Even better, we know when the game’s releasing, and the state of the game’s multiplayer!

First and foremost, The Last of Us Part 2 will be launching February, 21, 2020, with two discs; to date, it’s the only PS4 game to require this. We were hoping for a 2019 release, but at least we’ve got other compelling titles to tide us over till then.

The Last of Us Part 2 will regretfully not feature multiplayer, but apparently the multiplayer team at Naughty Dog is working on something standalone for those who want an apocalyptic brawl online. No details further, but it does suggest Sony and Naughty Dog are taking a note from Square Enix and CD Projekt RED by releasing a multiplayer component later down the line.

Source: Naughty Dog

Plot Details and More

The Last of Us Part 2‘s story centers on Ellie during the aftermath of an attack that leaves the peaceful haven she’s been living at in shambles. It’s also heavily implied in the trailers that Ellie’s romantic interest, Dina, may be fridged (see: either killed or kidnapped) as an extra motivation to pit her against a larger group of survivors who are more ruthless and bloodthirsty than any she’s dealt with before.

These raiders have hunting dogs, who can track Ellie’s scent, and are expert hunters, meaning they should put up far more of a challenge for Ellie. Fortunately, Ellie will also be mobile, able to both squeeze underneath tight spaces and traverse vertically in ways you couldn’t in the last game. Instinct vision will also allow players to track their scent, so they know where hunting dogs may be coming from. Crafting and a new skill tree will be crucial, such as being able to craft silencers for your pistol. Ammo is also expected to be sparser, given how long civilization’s been collapsed in The Last of Us Part 2.

Source: Gameplay Only

We know that previous protagonist Joel and his brother Tommy will be returning, though what roles each of them plays is unclear. It has been implied that Joel’s selfish choice at the end of The Last of Us is coming back to haunt him, so Part 2 is likely to address this head on. Beyond that, details are fairly scarce, but one expects The Last of Us Part 2 won’t be pulling any punches when it comes out in early 2020.

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