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The End of an Era?

Is The Seoul Dynasty on the ropes? Originally known as “Lunatic Hai”, the Overwatch League team were once the MVPs to beat. Long before the Overwatch League was made official, Lunatic Hai was known across the globe as a masterful team of expert Overwatch players. However, the Seoul Dynasty has taken a turn for the mediocre, despite the fact that they’ve made very few roster changes. So, what happened to the Seoul Dynasty?

After the last few weeks match-ups in the Overwatch League playoffs, the Seoul Dynasty came out defeated. With this, they were officially eliminated from the Overwatch League 2019 Finals. The Seoul Dynasty finished the year off with a final record of, 15-13, just barely breaking over 500.

The Seoul Dynasty started the playoffs off red hot, beating the Guangzhou Charge 4-1, in the play-in matches. Then, Seoul Dynasty moved onto the next round of the 2019 Overwatch League Playoffs, just to be struck down by the Vancouver Titans. The score was 4-2, inevitably knocking the Seoul Dynasty into the losers bracket. It was there they would face the 4th seeded Hangzhou Spark, but once again Seoul lost at 4-1. Ouch. Seems the new meta did little to help these seasoned players.

Rhyjehongs Let Down

Source: Rhyjehong

Seoul Dynasty’s very own “Ryujehong” had some words for himself, teammates, fans, and opponents, after the depressing losses. He said in an interview with Overwatch Leagues “Danny lim”, after the game against the Hangzhou Spark:

“To all the seoul fans, I am deeply sorry that we couldn’t win today’s match, throughout the whole season, we really tried to improve ourselves and improve our game-play, and everything that we could do to go higher up into the playoffs and win everything, but we unfortunately fell short and we could not do that so i deeply deeply apologize to the fans.” – Ryujehong

In the same interview, the viewer sees Ryujehong, and long time teammate “Tobi”, visibly emotional after the loss. Both players were busting into tears, continually wiping their eyes and sounding short of breathe, Ryujehong clearly broken down, went to twitter after the match and posted this.

Ryujehong taking these losses so harshly, is very sad to see from one of the best support players in Overwatch history, what does this mean for the Seoul Dynasty’s future? How will these players react at their lowest points? We’ll just have to wait for the 2020 Overwatch League season to see how the Seoul Dynasty story unfolds.

What do you think Dynasty might be able to do to turn things around? Let us know in the comments below.


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