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The Atlanta Reign has taken the 4-3 victory over the San Francisco Shock, setting a strong upset in the playoff bracket. Atlanta is now the 6th seed, and San Francisco is the 3rd seed, officially knocking the San Francisco Shock down to the losers bracket.

What This Means For The Playoff Bracket

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The Atlanta Reign winning this game means they’ll move on to the next round to take on the New York Excelsior, former two-time stage champions. However, so far the New York Excelsior have been plagued by the Atlanta Reign. They’ve lost two games to them in the regular season, but still holding on as the second-seeded team.

The San Francisco Shock will fall down to the losers bracket. This put them in a down but not out scenario. They’ll have to compete against the London Spitfire, last year’s Overwatch League world champions. Having only met London once this season, things still look hopeful for San Francisco Shock; in their only match-up with the London Spitfire this year they won staunchly with a score of 4-0.

“Moth”, San Francisco Shock’s main support player, said in an interview, “London’s team, I think we’re really confident against, we’ll review their VODS and, work even harder to make our way through the loser bracket.” It seems the Shock have faith they’ll turn things around with this upcoming match-up and are fighting against another upset.

The BabyBay Story

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The chronicles of BabyBay has taken many turns. Starting as the hit-scan DPS player for the San Francisco Shock for half of the 2018 season, he later blew up on social media with the “BabyBay challenge”, only to then be benched by the Shock for the young star Sinatraa halfway through the 2018 inaugural season. Next, he cut from the team in the current Overwatch League season, all led to the electrifying Dafran retiring from the Overwatch League, and BabyBay sliding into his spot on the Atlanta Reign.

BabyBay got the taste of sweet vengeance against the San Francisco Shock, though he did not speak bitterly, in an interview minutes after the 4-3 victory BabyBay said this.

“I’m sure they’re kind of upset right now I’m sure, I can’t even believe we won I’m still shaking it’s just insane, and honestly big shout out to the Shock guys because without them I would not of been in the position I’m at to be able to beat them.”

He then continued to say, “I was going through a lot of stuff last season I had a little bit of ups, and downs, and Crusty, and that coaching staff, and all the players really helped out.” Nothing but graciousness from the former San Francisco Shock DPS player.

The next line of questions for BabyBay, was on how comfortable he and his team are going into their next match-up the New York Excelsior. BabyBay’s response was, “If they lose this next time I don’t even know what they’re going to do with themselves.” BabyBay is speaking of the two upsets they’ve pulled off on the New York Excelsior this regular season.

Looking Forward For Both Teams

How will these two teams fair in the upcoming playoff match-ups? Will the Reign continue their upset streak? Or will it be countered by the powerful New York Excelsior? Will the San Francisco Shock be able to avoid an upset from last years world champs? Or will they fall short yet again, and choke away their season two playoff opportunity?

What are your predictions for Overwatch League? Share them in the comments below, and for more Overwatch, click here!


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