Turney “Tfue” Tenny’s lawyer is glad about how things are developing in the Tfue Vs. FaZe Clan lawsuit. He even went so far to say that move in which they countersued is “an absolute gift“.

Tfue Vs. FaZe Clan

This all began in May, as Tfue decided to leave FaZe while simultaneously suing them. He claimed that his contract is oppressive and in some cases even violates the Talent Agency Act and California law. Tfue demanded FaZe to release the contract for some time, which FaZe Banks said they would do. It finally leaked in a few weeks and can be found here, with one page listed below. In a puzzling twist, FaZe Clan is now countersuing Tfue, in part for releasing something they would’ve put out in the first place. Something smells fishy in the case of Tfue Vs. FaZe Clan.

A page of Tfue's contract with FaZe clan.
A part of the contract that directly states Tfue is giving away 80% of some of his revenue. FaZe Clan claims they didn’t collect this, because they wanted Tfue to feel that they got his back.
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Additional FaZe Clan claims that Tfue damaged their reputation and breached the contract. Remember, Tfue signed to be a part of FaZe till 2021, and now he has severed all contact.

Tfue’s Lawyer Is Ecstatic

Bryan Freedman, Tfue’s lawyer, saw this move as a gift. He explained his reasoning to theScore esports, “The real fact is that FaZe Clan asked the labor commissioner to try and delay that case – to try to avoid responsibility for violating California’s talent agency act by operating as an unlicensed talent agency.”

Freedman continues, “They’re trying to avoid judgment day in the state of California by picking a jurisdiction of New York that has nothing to do with anything other than to allow them to violate California law”. He believes this might not sit well in judges eyes. “After I read the complaint, I actually had to check the date on the calendar because I thought it was Christmas … This complaint filed in New York is an absolute gift.”

Freedman also admits that he is puzzled by the reaction from the FaZe Clan. They first said they wouldn’t try to collect money from Tfue and now are suing for big amount. “Which is is then?” he asks.

A Word From FaZe Clan

Lee Trink, a CEO of FaZe Clan also released a statement to theScore esports. ” FaZe Clan has tried hard to maintain a positive relationship with Tenney since April 2018. Tenney was 20 years old when he negotiated and signed a three-year rookie gamer agreement with us”, he began. “As his notoriety grew, conversations began around renegotiation. We offered several revised versions of his rookie contract in good faith while we helped build his brand and audience. Amongst the terms we offered were a seven-figure salary bonus and no revenue split for FaZe Clan at all. He rejected every offer.”

FaZe Banks has released a video called Dear Tfue, in which he claims he was shocked with Tfue’s lawsuit. In an emotional 15 minute video, he says, “I got absolutely no warning of this … I don’t understand.” However, this sounds a little strange, as Tfue has been in renegotiations since September 2018.

Furthermore, “[Tfue] has publicly disparaged FaZe Clan, stolen FaZe Clan’s confidential information, interfered with contracts and business relationship, and advocated for others to leave and compete against our organization.”

A photo of FaZe Clan's statement released back in May. It states that they only colected $60, 000 in revenue.
Freedman think it’s suspicious that FaZe Clan didn’t collect almost any money, and yet are now suing him for a much bigger amount.
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It still remains to be seen how this lawsuit will settle, as neither party has yet appeared in the court. We are eagerly awaiting to see how Tfue Vs. FaZe Clan will be resolved and will report on it asap.

Who will win Tfue Vs. FaZe Clan lawsuit? Leave your thoughts below.


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