Turner Tenney aka “Tfue” might compete without Cloak in Fortnite’s Trio tournaments. Their relationship has been steadily declining ever since the Madden incident.

Will Tfue Switch To Another Team?

Tfue, 72hrs, and Cloak’s trio has been ‘on hold’ since September 7, when Tfue tweeted that he was looking for new teammates. As this news came out, many of his fans pointed out that changing teams might result in Tfue losing his place in playoffs at the end of September.

In Season X rules, it clearly states that qualified teams will lose their spot if a teammate ends up leaving. Luckily, Tfue continued reading through the rules and found that it’s possible to swap one teammate.

“4.2.7 Without limiting Section 4.2.2, teams that qualify for the Season Finals may perform a one-time trade of one of their players with another single player from a different team that has also qualified for the Season Finals within the same region. This trade must occur before the trade deadline prior to the start of the Group Stage on September 17, 2019, at 11:00 PM EST. All six involved players must unanimously agree and request the trade by contacting an Event Administrator, reachable via email at tournaments@epicgames.com”.

An artwork that represents Fortnite Trios.
Who will Tfue’s new teammate(s) be?
Source: dexerto

However, it might prove difficult to reach an agreement, as every party member from both teams need to agree on the trade. Question is, will Cloak and 72hrs be up for this? And with which team might Tfue strike a deal? Furthermore, Turner and his teammates have one week – till September 17 – to decide what they’re going to do.

Even if the team fully drops from this tournament, Tfue seems pretty determined to find a way to disengage from his long term gaming partner Cloak. Who knows, they might even find themselves in the finals, battling each other.

A $140,000 Debacle

This downward spiral began with Tfue turning down a lucrative Madden 20 deal. What he didn’t know was that Cloak and 72 hrs accepted the same offer, so Tfue was left with nothing. Angrily, Tfue demanded that both of his teammates give him their $70,000 for the loss he experienced, but unsurprisingly, this merely escalated the situation.

An artwork of Madden 20
Poor communication cost Tfue $140,000
Source: sportingnews

What kind of idiot are you to decline $ 140,000?” Cloaks asked on his stream. “It’s not my fault that you’re a dumbass,” he concluded. That surely didn’t sit well with Tfue.

On September 8th, one of Turner’s followers asked if he might forgive Cloak. “Forgive Dennis? Dude, I mean how could I forgive him bro? They haven’t even ****ing apologized. Like what, they just told me I’m a ****ing idiot.” Tfue said angrily. As this is the latest in a string of furious feuds between Tfue and former colleagues, one can’t help but worry how many bridges he’ll burn before there’s none left to cross.

Will Tfue and Cloak unite or is the famous duo done for good? To which team might Tfue (or Cloak) switch? Comment below.


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