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In this weeks edition of professional streaming setups, we will be looking at what TimTheTatman uses. He is one of the Twitch’s biggest stars and has over 4 million followers. You can watch his entertaining live streams here. Let’s take a look at what components Tim uses to make sure that his stream runs smoothly.

A photo of TimTheTatman
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Tim’s Monitor, Mouse, And Mouse Pad

BENQ XL2430 is an updated version of Tim’s monitor, which we couldn’t find on sale. This is a 24-inch full HD gaming monitor. Extra-fast response time of 1ms will surely eliminate any kind of ghosting and visual lag. Furthermore, it features Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology that provides you with amazing clarity during battles. It also has a 144 Hz refresh rate, which is pretty good.

Next, there’s an S-switch with which lets you easily change display profiles or settings, even while you’re in a tense situation. Additional details like flexible swivel and tilt adjustment are the cherry on top.

A photo of Tim's monitor, BENQ XL2430
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TimTheTatman uses Razer’s DeathAdderElite which is one of their best gaming mice. It has everything you might want: high DPI (up to 16k), 7 programmable buttons, and is durable as hell. Moreover, it has excellent rubber grips that will give you better control. DeathAdder Elite is also really comfortable to use. Another great choice by Tim.

A photo of Tim's mouse of choice, DeathAdder Elite.
Go with DeathAdder Elite if you want deadly accuracy
Source: razer

No matter how good the mouse is, without an adequate mouse mat, you will not realize your full gaming potential. Tim uses the XL version of the Razer Gigantus which provides both control and speed. The base is rubberized and won’t move unless you want to. Gigantus is also pretty thick and features anti-fray stitching. All of these features translate to great gaming experience.

Tim has Razer's Gigantus mousepad.
Source: razer

Extra Fast Keyboard

Choose Razer’s Huntsman Elite if you want a combination of speed and comfort. This is not just a regular mechanical keyboard, as it has Purple Switch technology that gives you 30% faster actuation. This feature gives Tim an edge in Fortnite scrims, where every millisecond counts. Next, the keys are individually backlit, which will provide you with some pretty cool visuals.

Razer is known for durability, and Huntsman Elite is made out of aluminum covered with a matte, and won’t break anytime soon. For those of use with sore hands, an ergonomic wrist rest is a godsend. Lastly, this keyboard supports macros and every key combination can be remapped. What more would you need?

A photo of Razer's Huntsman Elite
Huntsman Elite is ideal gaming keyboard
Source: techspot

Tim’s CPU, GPU, RAM, And Motherboard

Core i9-9900K is Tim’s CPU of choice. The base clock speed is 3.6 GHz, but the processor is unlocked, so you can overclock it to ridiculously fast 5.0 GHz. Add to this combo 8 cores, 16 threads, and support for Optane memory, and I think you got a winner.

A photo of Tim's CPU, Intel's i9-9900K
I9-9900K is a great addition to anyone’s professional streaming setup.
Source: caseking

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is one of the best graphics cards the market has to offer. The combination of 11 GB GDDR6 and next-level ray tracing ability might leave you in awe. For cooling, there are 2 HDB fans that do their job perfectly and in silence. It’s easy to overclock thanks to the EVGA’s Precision X1 feature.

Photo of Tim's graphics card, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
Source: nvidia

Tim uses MSI MEG Z390 gaming motherboard. This powerful model supports dual channel of DDR4 RAM, which can be overclocked to 4600 MHz. For visual types, there’s Mystic Light Infinity which offers close to 17 million colors. It goes perfectly with Tim’s CPU and GPU as it is built with extreme overclocking in mind. Additionally, Z390 has a premium audio processor that will please your ears.

MSI MEG Z390 is a powerful gaming motherboard used by TimTheTatman.
Great overclocking ability
Source: bhphotovideo

TimTheTatman takes it easy on the RAM, using only 16 GB of Teamgroup’s T-Force Xcalibur. It has a capacity of 4000 MHz, which is more than enough for a professional stream of his level.

A photo of Teamgroup's T-Force Xcalibur RAM
Xcalibur is both, slick looking and powerful
Source: klikgalaxy

His Case And Cooling System

Tim’s equipment lays safely protected in NZXT H700. This is a mid-tower gaming case that is ready for a water-cooling system. One side is made out of high-quality tempered glass, so you can easily display your powerful components. All other material is made out of steel. Lastly, you’ll install your equipment easily thanks to the intuitive cable system.

Tim's streaming case of choice is NZXT's H700
Source: amazon

Tim uses NZXT Kraken X72 cooling system. It offers an amazing level of control by letting you monitor liquid temperature and pump speed. You can change the values in real-time through desktop or android app. 3 powerful fans are more than enough to keep a professional streaming PC cool. The same system is also used by Tfue.

Photo of Kraken X72 cooling system
One of the best cooling systems around
Source: newegg

Tim’s Storage Devices

Samsung’s 970 EVO SSD is an improved version of Shroud’s model. It offers next-generation write (3,300 MB/s) and read (3,500 MB/s) speed that will help you edit and put out your best off compilation pretty damn fast.

Photo of Samsung 970 EVO SSD
Source: samsung

But, 1 TB of memory is not enough in a professional streamer world. Seagate’s Barracuda gives Tim an additional 4 TB of space. It’s affordable but uncompromising in its performance.

Tim uses Seagate's Barracuda HDD with 4 TB of space
This baby is used by almost every streamer on our list
Source: bhphotovideo

Tim’s Audio And Video Equipment

Tim has Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50xBB headphones which are usually used for studio monitoring. The sound they offer is crystal clear, and bass is especially pronounced. These headphones also give you near-perfect sound isolation, a feature which might save you a lot of nerves. Last, but not least, this model is comfortable as hell.

A photo of Audio Technica's premium headphones. ATH-M50xBB
Source: sweetwater

TimTheTatman’s voice is powered by Audio-Technica’s BP 40. This is a premium dynamic microphone designed for broadcasters. As such, it has enhanced mids which adds a warm note to your voice. It does a great job at eliminating background noise, thanks to the combination of shock mount and many pop filters.

Photo of BP 40 dynamic microphone Tim uses for communicating with his audience.
Your voice will sound perfect with this baby
Source: bhphotovideo

GoXLR is a multi-channel sampler and mixer made for streamers. GoXLR also has voice effects like echo, pitch shift, reverb and similar, that can keep things fresh. Additionally, the mixer features premium quality preamp that also has the following filters: equalizer, compressor, de-esser, limiter, gate, and phantom power. All in all, this is a great addition to your professional streaming setup.

A photo of GoXLR, a multi-channel mixer.
Source: amazon

Tim records himself with PANASONIC’s Lumix G7 mirrorless camera instead of a classic webcam. It lets Tim record in 4K video quality and also has fast focusing.

Tim uses Lumix G7 camera instead of webcam.
Tim goes the unconventional route with Lumix G7
Source: bhphotovideo

Some streamers use 2 separate PC’s, but Tim decided to just get AVerMedia’s Live Gamer capture card. This is a plug and play model that lets you stream in full HD. The gameplay is captured in real-time and you will be left with high-quality uncompressed video. It works perfectly with every streaming software, like OBS Studio and xSplit.

A photo of Live Gamer capture card.
Source: scan

His Gaming Chair

MAXNOMIC Leader is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs around. It is made out of cold cured foam which retains its shape, which is protected with premium leather. Furthermore, this chair encourages proper posture and is comfortable as hell. MAXNOMIC’s Leader is customizable thanks to the combination of reclining and tilt mechanism.

Photo of MAXNOMIC's Leader gaming chair
A perfect throne for TimTheTatman
Source: gamingscan

Who should we cover next in our series of professional streaming setups? Miss last week’s edition? Share your thoughts below.


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