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Shroud’s streaming PC is a topic of this week’s professional streamer setups. As you will see, Shroud has pretty sweet equipment that makes him able to fulfill his gaming potential. Let’s jump right into it.

Shroud’s Streaming Setup

Monitor, Mouse, and Mousemat

Shroud’s monitor of choice is Acer Predator XB252Q. This is a full HD gaming PC equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology. It has a 240Hz refresh rate that delivers really smooth gameplay. Furthermore, Predator uses Ultra Low Motion Blur technology which adds to sharpness and removes weird ghosting and smearing visual effects. Response time is 1 ms, so this baby is perfect for fast-paced shooting games. The monitor also has Flicker-less technology that your eyes will be thankful for.

A photo of Predator XB252Q, Shrouds monitor of choice
Source: Amazon

Next, Shroud picked Logitech’s G Pro gaming mouse. This wireless model is made specifically for eSports competitors. G Pro is lightweight (80 grams) and has really fast (1ms) response. It has an ambidextrous design, but it doesn’t take away from the comfort. Next, there is a really good 16K sensor, that serves Shroud well during intense build battles in Fortnite. It will last you up to 50 million clicks, which is a really long time. In short, this mouse is a testament to brands quality.

Photo of Logitech's G Pro, a mouse with which Shroud chews his enemies.
Source: IGN

A good mouse needs a good mousepad. HyperX Fury S is densely woven mouse mat that will give you both, speed and precision. It also features stitched edges and rubber underside, so it won’t budge a bit.

Shroud uses HyperX Fury S mousepad on his streaming PC

Keyboard And Headphones

HyperX Alloy FPS is a premium gaming mechanical keyboard. This full sized model comes with detachable cable. Durability and stability are provided thanks to the steel frame. It offers macro customization, and you can set up 3 different profiles. Alloy FPB has silver speed keys, with low actuation force. This means that your keys will get activated faster. Furthermore, Alloy FPS is built out of quality material and is good for 70 million key-presses. This keyboard is a killer.

Photo of Shrouds streaming keyboard, HyperX Alloy FPS
Alloy FPS has low actuation and lowers your reaction time
Source: NewEg

Shroud knows the importance of good headphones, and that’s why he uses HypeX’s Cloud Flight. This is a wireless headset of remarkable quality. Cloud Flight has a great wireless connection and long battery life (30 hours). They provide Shroud with crystal clear sound in full frequency range: lows, mids, and highs. Guys at HyperX wanted to give you an immersive experience, so they also enhanced bass. Cloud Flight headphones has closed cups, so all outside distractions will be immediately forgotten once you put them on. The memory foam gives a great level of comfort. Lastly, Shroud’s headphones also have a good noise-canceling mic.

Photo of HyperX Cloud Flight, headphones that give Shroud an edge in audio department
Thanks to Cloud Flight, Shroud can hear his enemies footsteps from afar

CPU, GPU, Motherboard, And Ram

Shroud uses Intel’s Core i7-8700K CPU. It features 12 threads and 6 cores, which give it a solid performance. Also, this is an unlocked model, which can be easily overclocked to 4.7 GHz. Furthermore, 8700K supports Optane Memory, which brings Shrouds PC speed up tremendously. You will get up to 137 more FPS during a stream, compared to 3-year old processors. 8700K will let you breeze through everything on its way.

Photo of 8700K processor
Source: NewEgg

Shrouds graphics card of choice is NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. This high-end model offers 11 GB of GDDR6 memory and is powerful enough to support 8K resolution! RTX 2080 Ti will overclock up to 14,000 MHz. The card won’t ever overheat, as it contains vapor chamber and dual-axial fans. This is definitely the strongest part of Shrouds equipment, and it provides a visual experience like no other card available.

Photo of RTX 2080 Ti, a mindblowing graphics card Shroud uses.
Prepare to be blown away.
Source: Nvidia

Shroud’s motherboard goes by the name Maximus X Formula. As is usual with equipment built for games, Maximus X also has 5-way optimization. This feature is useful for both overclocking and cooling your motherboard, and is very easy to navigate. Furthermore, it also allows water cooling, which is a necessity if you are playing highly resourceful games. Maximus X has 4 RAM slots (DDR4) with no maximum ceiling. Lastly, there’s 8-channel HD audio that provides a really good sound.

Photo of kickass motherboard Shroud uses, Maximus X Formula
A professional motherboard for a professional streamer
Source: NewEgg

Shroud uses 64 GB of G. SKILL’s TridentZ RGB RAM. It has a sophisticated heat spreader, so it will not ever overheat. Memory speed of this model is 3,600 MHz. A similar model is also used by Tfue and Ninja.

A photo of TridentZ RAM from RGB series.
TridentZ series is visually stunning as well

SSD And Capture Card

While some streamers opt for HDD and SSD combo, to have both huge storage and speed, Shroud took a different route. SAMSUNG 960 Pro SSD has 2TB of space and is insanely quick. Read speed is set to 3500 MB/s, and write speed is 2100 MB/s. These specs make his video editing job a complete breeze, as there is nothing that will present a challenge to 960 Pro. To put a cherry on top, the lifespan of this SSD is set to 1 million gigabytes. Be right back, gotta put a mortgage on my house.

A photo of SAMSUNG 960 PRO SSD
Rumors circulate that whole universe can fit onto this baby
Source: Anandtech

Magewell Pro Capture Quad is a card he dedicates solely for streaming. It captures everything in HD quality and can be used by multiple people at once. It has great speed, audio quality, image control, and hi-fi processing. Just take a look at Shroud’s stream and you will know what we mean.

Photo of Shroud's capture card, Magewell Pro
4 people can stream from this card simultaneously
Source: BhPhotoVideo

Shroud’s Chair, Microphone, And Mic Arm

Herman Miller’s Classic Aeron might just be a perfect gaming chair. It provides you with great posture and is so soft to touch. The chair is covered with premium textile that protects it, while also cooling you down in the process.

Shroud uses Classic Aeron gaming chair that is epithome of comfort.
But honey, I don’t want to get up

If you haven’t yet heard of Shure’s SM7B, you might want to stop living under a rock. This dynamic cardioid microphone is today’s golden standard and nearly every streamer is using it. There are plenty of reasons, like bass roll-off, mid-range emphasis, great frequency response, that will make your voice sound better than you ever imagined. Next, unwanted noises are eliminated with a combination of air suspension and premium pop filter. All in all, this is a professional microphone that will not let you down.

A photo of Shure's SM7B, a microphone with which your voice will sound angelic
Ever wondered why Shroud sounds so nice?
Source: Sweetwater

RODE PSA 1 is a professional mic arm. It is stable and has a great reach (33-inches). For ultimate control, you can rotate it for 360-degrees. Combination of this arm and mic has been seen many times in the past, so there’s definitely something to it.

A photo of Rode's PSA 1 microphone arm
Source: Sweetwater

That’s all folks! Check with us back in a week as we will continue to cover more professional streamer setups. Enjoy!

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