Sometimes your real-world actions can carry over into your online life. Polish streamer Pajalockk has been banned from Twitch for reckless driving.

Pajalockk’s reckless driving was captured by his very own stream. So, maybe don’t show your illegal activity to the entire world. This was the IRL streamer’s second ban on Twitch, which means it is up to Twitch to decide if this is a 30-day ban or a permanent ban. Many are suspecting (and hoping) that this results in a permanent ban. Since the reasons for banning are putting real people in danger, it makes sense that Twitch would want to discourage this guy from being on the road.

The worst part about this reckless driving was how the streamer reacted to almost running people over. Most rational people would have stopped or at least slowed down, and been somewhat spooked by almost hitting someone. But no, almost hitting two groups of people within one minute only made Pajalockk laugh.

While IRL streaming is popular on Twitch, and some streamers have figured out how to safely stream from their vehicles while driving, this ban shows that IRL streamers might want to just pause the stream while they’re traveling. Even looking at your phone (which is illegal in some places, while driving) is enough to get a strike. And also, maybe don’t film in the bathroom as DrDisrespect did!

Thanks to Reddit user ogurek__ for translating! This really shows how much the streamer was not paying attention, as it appears he didn’t even realize why they were running across the street.

According to some comments on the Reddit thread about this clip, Poland has some pretty crazy rules around crosswalks. It seems that in general, crossing a street doesn’t automatically give you the right of way. A car should be totally stopped before you cross the street. In this case though, the pedestrians were crossing long before Pajalockk showed up. If you’re already in the crosswalk, you are good to go, legally!

We’re hoping that in addition to getting banned on Twitch, he also gets his license suspended in Poland. So far, police are looking into it!


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