Survival of the BS-est

Oh, Activision. You and your love of exclusivity deals that mostly just piss off your audience. In a stroke of what one can only assume was presumed to be brilliance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s Survival mode, a part of the game’s Spec Ops cooperative suite, is now a PS4 exclusive until 2020.

This is happening to a game that has been sold on its cross-play capabilities, intended to unite fans across PS4, Xbox One, and PC; because nothing says “better together” than literally gating off finished multiplayer content that was a major highlight of previous Modern Warfare titles. This was unveiled strangely, via the tail end of the game’s singleplayer story campaign trailer. The mode will effectively be a PS4 exclusive until the next Call of Duty title is expected to release.

Source: PlayStation

The (Inevitable) Backlash Hits Infinity Ward

Needless to say, players aren’t taking too kindly to this news. Sadly, Infinity Ward, who allegedly had no say in this decision, are the ones taking the brunt of the blame. In a Reddit post, Infinity Ward’s art director Joel Emslie attempted to address the outrage, particularly more toxic responses spilling over onto the development team that’s had plenty of headaches already. Emslie rightly reminded users that developers are people too, and that while he empathized with their frustrations, but emphasized they “[K]eep it clean and maybe even a little creative.

“Get it out of your system but remember there’s a team of human beings here at IW and we have crappy days just like you.”

Joel Emslie, Infinity Ward’s Art Director

This story is an all too familiar one, though it’s needless to say Infinity Ward is handling the overwhelming backlash to Modern Warfare better than Respawn earlier this year with Apex Legends. That doesn’t mean the toxicity on display in its user base is more justified. Remember folks, making the developers of the games you love feel terrible does nothing but dishearten and discourage. Same for if you blast your fellow players. We’re better than this. Yes, Activision’s decision is being called into question by many, but that doesn’t mean vitriol is the answer. Let your money speak for itself, and offer constructive feedback.

As Emslie says, “We never hold back. Public forums like this sub are part of our process. Its where we come to gather exterior thoughts and feedback on what we are crafting. We are about 4 weeks away from launch but the game will continue to live beyond that date. This sub will be a way for us to keep getting an outside hands on perspective from everyone that plays the game. Everyone benefits from this. Player experiences get better and better and we get to keep making games[.] 😉” Let’s keep level heads out there; if we’re lucky, Modern Warfare will have a turnaround even greater than Battlefront II.

How do you feel about exclusive content in this day and age in gaming? Let us know in the comments section.


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