We are close to the end of the year, and the new Call of Duty Franchise League is just around the corner- which means that Rostermania is at its peak. Many teams are looking for a great addition to their roster, and Minnesota’s franchise seems to have gotten particularly lucky in this department.

Wise Ventures Talks About Rostermania

Ashley “MiDNiTE” Glassel and COO of Wise Ventures Esports Brett Diamond confirmed that they already made a move on the number of promising players. “Our negotiations have pseudo-started and our signing window opens on the September 3rd.” Glassel shared on Twitter.

Bred Diamond continued with sharing some details on the negotiation process. “Starting on the third we can sign players, and if they’re a restricted free agent, we can sign them that day. Most players, as you know if you have been following players announcements are restricted, free agents.”

If restricted free agent’s get signed on Tuesday there are 2 things that will happen. “First of all their current team have the right to match whatever we offer them, and have a week to decide.”. If the team in question doesn’t match the offer a buy out will begin.

This is all going in accordance with CDL’s (Call of Duty League’s) free agency policy. Since this process is a bit convoluted, it might take some time before the full roster is announced.

A photo of ex-OpTic Member Flamesword, who might be joining Minessota Call of Duty franchise.
Source: dotesports

“We’re excited about the discussions that we’re having and we’ve talked to a lot of great guys this week.”. Although no details are yet known we’d like to speaculate a bit. Before MiDNiTe switched to Minnesota’s Call of Duty franchise, she was a member of OpTic Gaming, which is in midst of restructuring. 3 more people left OpTic just last week, 2 of which might be joining Minnesota’s roster. We are specifically talking about Michael “Flamesword” Chavez, and Aaron “Create”.

9 Teams Will Be Competing In Call of Duty League

Minnesota is just 1 of 9 CoD teams that will be competing under a new, franchised league model in 2020. Other teams come from NYC, Atlanta, Toaronto, Paris, Dallas, Florida, and 2 from Los Angeles. Let’s check the teams out real quick.

A banner of Call Of Duty World League
Source: cod-esports

Sterling VC, an organization from New York City secured its place in League early. The organization has already found a coach (John “Revan” Boble“, and analyst (“JP Krez”) to help the future team.

Call of Duty will also be coming to Atlanta, Georgia thanks to the Atlanta Esports Ventures, which also owns Overwatch League franchise.

Toronto’s franchise will feature a popular team called Splyce, which is owned by OverActive Media. Splyce will be experiencing some changes, as teammates Temp and AquA announced they are restricted free agents.

Surprisingly, Paris will be only European city with CDL franchise, which was bought by c0ntact Gaming.

Dallas will come barging into this competition backed by now legendary Team Envy. This organization already has a win under its belt, acquiring the first place in 2016 Black Ops 3 tournament.

A photo of Team Envy
Team Envy has some wins under its belt
Source: cod-esports

Misfits Gaming is another fresh entry in the Call of Duty Franchise League, and they come from Florida. Misfits Gaming’s manager is none other than Tom “OGRE2” Ryan.

Immortals Gaming Club is the first L.A. franchise. They have recently acquired OpTic Gaming, but none of the Greenwall members will be in their team.

Second L.A. spot is secured by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. This company already owns LA Gladiators who play in Overwatch League.

Who do you think will join Minessota’s CoD League franchise? Leave your thoughts below.


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