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Fortnite: Battle Royale is the biggest gaming trend to date. With its massive following on Twitch TV & Mixer, players like Ninja have managed to rake in millions of dollars. For all the latest on Fortnite updates to PC, Xbox, PS4, iPhone & Android, and new game modes, we’ve got you covered.

Get Good: Ninja’s Ultimate Guide To Gaming

Mixer streamer, Ninja
Get Good: Ninja's Ultimate Guide to Gaming is Tyler's first book in which he shares all his gaming tips. This young upstart just recently switched to Mixer, where he resides as a most viewed streamer, acquiring nearly 2 million followers in less...

Apex Legends Producer Criticizes Game’s Fanbase

A Dev Team Pushed Too Far Reddit is shocked as Apex Legends' producer criticizes games fanbase. This move could potentially further alienate developers and fans, deepening the rift that started with the introduction of Iron Crown Event.

Even California Earthquakes Can’t Stop Shroud from Playing Apex

https://livestreamfails.com/post/54745 The recent California earthquakes have been in the news, with 6.4 and 7.1 quakes shaking the region. One of those quakes was caught on stream as Shroud was playing Apex Legends. With a...

Tfue Might Compete Without Cloak In Fortnite Trios

Turner Tenney aka "Tfue" might compete without Cloak in Fortnite's Trio tournaments. Their relationship has been steadily declining ever since the Madden incident. Will Tfue Switch To Another Team? Tfue, 72hrs, and Cloak's trio has been...

Shocking Turn Of Events as FaZe Clan Sues Tfue Back

The legal drama surrounding FaZe Clan and Tfue deepens as FaZe Clan has countersued Tfue back, claiming that he breached their contract and damaged their reputation. Tfue had a deal with FaZe that should have lasted till 2021, but has since severed...