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Fortnite: Battle Royale is the biggest gaming trend to date. With its massive following on Twitch TV & Mixer, players like Ninja have managed to rake in millions of dollars. For all the latest on Fortnite updates to PC, Xbox, PS4, iPhone & Android, and new game modes, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Streaming Setups: TimTheTatman edition

Tim the Tatman
In this weeks edition of professional streaming setups, we will be looking at what TimTheTatman uses. He is one of the Twitch's biggest stars and has over 4 million followers. You can watch his entertaining live streams here. Let's take a look...

These People Are Identical! Twitch Streamer Look-alikes

Streamer look-alikes are not really a common thing, so this caught us off guard. Here we have two people who look almost identical to some of the most famous Twitch streamers - Pokimane and Tfue. You might not even recognize who is...

Professional Streamer Setups: Shroud Edition

Shroud, underwhelmed by Overwatch 2019
Shroud's streaming PC is a topic of this week's professional streamer setups. As you will see, Shroud has pretty sweet equipment that makes him able to fulfill his gaming potential. Let's jump right into it. Shroud's Streaming Setup

Let’s Dissect Tyler1’s Streaming PC

Tyler1's Streaming PC is a solid machine, although he uses it to play League of Legends. As you will see, most of his components combine quality with a reasonable price, so this setup may appeal even to the non-professional gamers. Let's get...

Twitch Streaming Wars| Dr. Disrespect vs Tyler1 …and FIGHT!

a side-by-side photo of Tyler1 and Dr. Disrespect
In the last few days, there's been some heat building up between 2 popular streamers. Let's introduce them. In the left corner, we have Tyler1, also known as loltyler1. Tyler is widely known for playing League of Legends and has over 2.5...