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Fortnite: Battle Royale is the biggest gaming trend to date. With its massive following on Twitch TV & Mixer, players like Ninja have managed to rake in millions of dollars. For all the latest on Fortnite updates to PC, Xbox, PS4, iPhone & Android, and new game modes, we’ve got you covered.

“Play less LoL!” Riot Develops Anti-addiction System

Several tweens playing an FPS
Riot's anti-addiction system shocks China. This all started in October 2018, with Tencent, a Chinese tech company that owns major shares of Riot Games, Epic Games, and Activision, among others. Lately, Tencent has been facing a significant...

Fortnite’s Monster vs Mech Battle Doesn’t Bring Twitch Views

A giant mecha cat and dragon go to battle
Fortnite is famous for its in-game events. Whether it's a live concert or Thanos threatening to snap his fingers, they always make headlines while giving players something new to do. The latest event It all started with last year's rocket launch earlier...