DragonBall FighterZ character Goku in Super Saiyan 3 form

The spirit of competition is upon the fighting game community once more as EVO 2019 is underway. Some players certainly get more invested than others, particularly with large sums of money on the line, as proven by DragonBall FighterZ player Goichi who broke out into tears after winning the EVO Grand Finals.

There’s Something In My Eye…

Goichi, also known as GO1, is a Japanese fighting game player who’s always been a major player in the DragonBall FighterZ scene. Despite this fact, this is the pro-gamer’s first-ever EVO Championship, despite an array of successes in the past. What’s more, Goichi took was dueling against the famous player SonicFox, been Goichi’s biggest rival in FighterZ since before most can remember.

The battle between the two players was fierce, down to the final set of the best of 5 matches. After a rare, missed input on SonicFox’s account, Goichi caught the fighter in a combo of his own. Goichi is known for being meticulous with combo-practice and his Bardock/Goku team was enough to finally end the tournament in glorious victory.

When the intense fight was over, Goichi immediately burst into tears and was seen removing his glasses with trembling hands. His long-time opponent clearly knew how much the victory meant to Goichi and comforted his rival in camaraderie befitting two equal sportsmen. Although SonicFox came so far only to take second place, he was so clearly happy for the tournament winner.

EVO May Be 2019’s Greatest Tearjerker

It’s always nice to see community members supporting one another, and the EVO 2019 finals for DragonBall felt incredibly wholesome. A follow-up clip of the final celebrations show the two rivals standing together before a roaring crowd. The watching players even erupted into a chant for Goichi as the man tried to regain composure.

It’s fair to say that SonicFox isn’t used to losing, being known as a fighting game legend in many circles. Nevertheless, it’s clear that he respected his opponent in the EVO finals, and he couldn’t have looked happier for Goichi. The player certainly worked hard for the win and deserved to shed a tear or two after the stress of taking EVO 2019. It’s safe to say the tension leading up to that victory was well over 9000!

Although the DragonBall FighterZ competitive scene appears to be declining, the crowd at EVO showed a real passion for the game. Another notable moment from the tournament was when all viewers came together to perform the ‘Cell Yell’. In the clip below, the crowd mimics Cell’s opening intro where the villain powers up with a mighty shout.

EVO Isn’t The Only Wholesome Tournament

Besides EVO, there’s one more feel-good tournament that’s worth paying attention to recently. We’re referring of course, to the Fortnite World Cup. Although the free-to-play battle royale game is the cause of a fair amount of online toxicity, the World Cup was great to watch.

Teen esports champion Bugha triumphant at the Fortnite Solo World Cup

In the end, the WorldCup was taken by Bugha, a sixteen-year-old player who walked away with $3 million. Watching the final match was a feel-good experience on par with Goichi’s win, as all players competing were the last standing after 40 million entries. They were the best Fortnite players in the world. It’s been a whirlwind of fantastic eSports this week.

Despite how passionate gamers can get in competiting, it’s good that we all come together to support fantastic gameplay. It’s what makes the fighting game community so amazing. And since EVO 2019 isn’t over yet, who knows what else is to come?

Were you rooting for Goichi or SonicFox to win EVO 2019? Are you happy with the results? Let us know in the comments section below!


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