Jack Etienne, CEO of cloud9, admits he’s interested in becoming a part of the Call of Duty Franchise League. This seems like a logical step forwards since he is also a CEO of London Spitfire, which is London’s representative in Overwatch League.

Cloud9 CEO Didn’t Reveal His Cards

On September 5th episode of Cloud9’s The 9’s show, host Christopher “Montecristo” Mykles talked with Etienne who shared his outlook on the future of the organization.

“Call of Duty is franchising right now,” the host said. “A lot of the Overwatch League teams have started to get into that. Is Cloud9 going to be another one of those?”. CEO responded with careful optimism, “It’s super interesting. I can’t get specific but it’s really interesting, so I’m checking it out.”.

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Cloud9’s CEO knows very well that Call of Duty‘s following is absolutely massive in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the London team could be a good rival to Paris CDL team, which could potentially bring in a bigger chunk of European fans and generate additional revenue. Although Etienne didn’t show all his cards, the thought of getting almost exclusive franchise rights for the UK might be too good of a deal to pass up.

COD’s Franchise League Might Borrow A Lot From Overwatch

Blizzard Activision is sending major ripples, as they overhaul Call of Duty. Their mission is to make it more similar to Overwatch League. In Overwatch League, players are getting a $50,000 salary (at minimum), housing throughout the season, healthcare, and a retirement plan. Specifics about the Call of Duty Franchise League are still unknown as the organization is still working out the details to see if this investment will be worth it in the long run.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in love with new franchise league model. One thing that presents a problem to many organizations that want to get involved is a hefty entry price. Organizations would need to spend $25 million in order to become a part of Call of Duty’s new league. This is exactly why many popular brands, like 100 Thieves, won’t be entering next year’s league.

CDL Has Confirmed 9 Teams For 2020

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So far, there are only 9 confirmed teams that will be a part of the Call of Duty Franchise League. Aside from Paris, all other teams come exclusively from North America. They come from New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Florida, Dallas, Minnesota, and 2 from Los Angeles. One of the teams from LA is Immortals, who recently bought OpTic Gaming, which resulted in the fallout of Greenwall. Currently, teams are still negotiating with free agent players who are good enough to be on their roster. It’s going to be fascinating to see where everyone ends up.

Do you think cloud9 will become a part of CDL in 2020? Leave your opinions below.


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