Teen esports champion Bugha triumphant at the Fortnite Solo World Cup

Bugha has great gaming equipment that will take your gaming to the next level. It’s safe to say that everyone who has watched Fortnite Solo World Cup left seriously impressed by its winner Bugha. This 16-year-old American gamer easily obliterated fan favorite Tfue, and as it turns out, this wasn’t just luck. True Bugha has great skills, but every good player also needs good equipment to realize his/her true potential. With that in mind, let’s see what Bugha has in his bedroom.

The Inside Of Bugha’s PC

Bugha’s CPU of choice is Intel’s Core i7-9700K. This processor consists of 8 threads and 8 core, so it’s great for multitasking. Its base processing speed is 3.6 GHz, which can easily be overclocked to powerful 4.9 GHz. It also supports Intel’s Optane Memory, which can seriously speed up your PC.

A photo of Bugha's processor Intel Core i7 9700K
Source: NewEgg

Nvidia’s RTX 2080 is a next-generation GPU that features 8GB of GDDR6 memory and boost clock speed of 1800 MHz. Memory bandwidth can go up to nearly 450 GB/sec, which translates into an amazing visual experience. Reflections and shadows look particularly good, thanks to the Ray Tracing Definitive feature. We can see why Bugha chose this baby.

A photo of NVidia's RTX 2080 graphic card that Bugha uses
Bugha’s GPU can definitely handle games of future
Source: Nvidia

Bugha uses ASUS Prime Z370-A II motherboard. It’s optimized for 8th and 9th generation of Intel Processors, so it complements his CPU perfectly. This processor utilizes Fan Expert 4 and 5-way Optimization, so you will be able to get the most out of your PC. Crystal Sound 3 is here to bring you immersive audio, something which is especially important for professional gamers.

A photo of Bugha's motherboard
Source: NewEgg

Bugha’s PC also has a ridiculous amount of RAM – 64 GB of DDR4 memory. This memory is greatly optimized and has the following SPD latency: 15-15-15-36. Corsair memory is used by many professional gamers and is held in high regard.

A photo of Corsair memory that Bugha uses
Corsair memory remains cool thanks to the aluminum heat spreader
Source: NewEgg

Bugha’s Monitor And Mouse

Bugha’s monitor of choice is AW2518H by Alienware, which looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. G-Sync technology is here to eliminate any screen tearing and weird visual glitches. The monitor also has a great contrast ratio (1000:1) and a very fast refresh rate of 240 Hz. Combine this with 1ms response time, and you have a perfect monitor for ultra-fast gaming.

A photo of AW2518H, Bugha's monitor
Source: Best Buy

A great mouse is one of the most important aspects of gaming. Bugha chooses to play with Air58, which claims to be the lightest mouse on the market. It weighs only 58 grams and offers deadly accuracy. Both sides feature lattice geometry that provides a solid grip. This is the same mouse that Ninja uses.

A photo of Bugha's mice of choice, Air58
Air58 is one of the lightest mice on the market
Source: Final Mouse

A good mouse requires good mousepad. Glorious 3XL is absolutely huge, with dimensions of 48×24”, and you can easily fit keyboard on it as well. The surface is really smooth and lets you maintain both, control and speed. Non-slip rubber base doesn’t budge a little bit. Bugha’s mousepad is made out of anti-fraying stitch fiber, which gives it long durability.

Bugha’s Keyboard And Headphones

Bugha opted for a portable gaming keyboard. Logitech G Pro is a mechanical keyboard that offers 25% quicker actuation, which will give you an edge in a competitive environment. This keyboard will last you at least 70 million clicks, so the durability is on point. Logitech G Pro has a gaming mode that lets you disable all the keys you don’t need, saving you a ton of frustration. Bugha chose a perfect keyboard for gaming.

A photo of Logitech G Pro, Bugha's keyboard of choice
Bugha chose this beautiful and compact mechanical keyboard

Finally, we have Bugha’s headphones. It features premium ear pads that completely seal your ears to provide good noise isolation. The condenser microphone offers a good frequency response, and audio quality is great. These headphones are comfortable, durable, and light.

There you have it. A full setup of Fortnite‘s new bright star.

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