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Bugha destroyed Tfue with the help of his teammates Dubs and Bizzle during a professional practice match. Just a few days ago, Tfue smashed his whole team 1v3, so this revenge surely tasted sweet. Is this just a beginning of ongoing feud?

Tfue Wins 1V3 Against Bugha, Dubs, And Bizzle

It all started on August 10, with this clip. Tfue was playing pro scrim to sharpen his skills for ongoing Season X tournaments. Right at the beginning of the scrim, Bugha’s team decided to crash on Tfue, who was far away from his team. Tfue easily eliminated Bizzle and Bugha with a shotgun, before hitting far away Dubs with an incredible revolver shot. Tfue decided to spice it all up with a trash-talk that can compete with Conor McGregor’s, “You are ****ing trash. Get the **** out of my game. Suck my ***ing **** ***ch.” He also posted the clip on Twitter commenting “I need therapy. Considering he’s talking to a minor in such a fashion, maybe at least tone it down a little?

A photo of Tfue feeling good after winning scrim
Tfue showed everyone that he is not old news.
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That said, some found Tfue going berserk to be absolutely hilarious. It seems that Tfue is taking things personally after his bad placement on Fortnite World Cup. Let’s remember, Tfue has finished 67th, while 16-year-old Bugha won the first place. This domination over three World Cup finalists showed us that Tfue is still a really dangerous player. However, his victory didn’t last long.

Bugha’s Team Strikes Back

Tfue did a pretty good job of embarrassing Bugha’s crew, so it was just a matter of time before they strike back. Little did he expect they’d get their revenge in less than 24 hours, during another scrim session. In the following clip, Tfue was caught solo once again, rotating from Salty Springs. This time though, the team was ready for him. Bugha had an excellent high-ground advantage and destroyed Tfue with 2 well-placed shotgun shots. “Hey, later Turner Tenney“, Bugha said, with sweetness in his voice, “That’s all we need, let’s go back up!

Bugha strikes back and Tfue didn’t stand a chance
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Here, you can see the same clip from Tfue’s perspective. He quickly jumps from a house in Salty and goes for the hill before getting blasted. “Oh, I’m dead. There’s a team above me …” he said. As you can see, Tfue didn’t have time to do anything, as bush-covered Bugha descended upon him. “Ohhh, it’s crazy! … It was Bizzle and his boys.“, he says. “I wasn’t really paying attention,” Turner said, downplaying this situation before leaving his PC.

Since scrims are becoming increasingly popular, this rivalry might continue to grow indefinitely. A little healthy competition is good here and there, but we hope things don’t get out of hand. We all have a rough day, Tfue, don’t let it ruffle your feathers too much. Either way, this rivalry is sure to make next year’s Fortnite World Cup one to remember!

Will the rivalry between Tfue and Bugha continue or was this just a one-off? Leave comments below.


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