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With the new season being just around the corner, Respawn started sending invites to the press for an exclusive preview of Apex Legends‘ Season 3. The developers hinted that it will be more competitive than the last two. Are you ready to grind through those ranks?

Only Pros Allowed At Respawn’s Preview

The invite clearly states that Respawn doesn’t want to see newbies at the preview. “Competition will be high and we ask that you send your best Champion of the Arena to battle it out with players who’ve climbed up ranked mode over the last six months.”.

This probably means that the whole event will be based around the games competitive aspect. Also, there is a possibility that many professional players and celebrities might also attend the event, as that happened on Apex‘s launch event. I can imagine inexperienced reporters becoming frustrated as they keep dying repeatedly. Not that that would ever happen to us, of course. Furthermore, Apex Legends is primarily a team game, so one inexperienced person can easily drag their teammates down.

Is Game Becoming More Competitive?

The ranked system was introduced to Apex Legends in season 2, which started on July 2. We can expect Respawn to focus on this aspect in order to grow a serious competitive scene. There’s a tremendous amount of potential for Battle Royale games on the esports scene. This was proved by Fortnite, which organized a World Cup with biggest prize pool ever – $30 million. This easily overpassed other popular games like CS: Go, which offers “mere” $6 million in prize money. We believe Respawn is on the right track to take at least a little bit of Fortnite’s revenue.

Therefore, there’s a high probability we will be getting a lot more Apex Legends tournaments in the near future.

A visual art of Apex Legends $ 500, 000 tournament Respawn is organizing
Preseason Invitational is hosted in Poland next week
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A glimpse of games competitive potential was seen on X Games even and Twitch Rivals tournament. Another big event is just around the corner. On September 13, Respawn will host Apex Legends‘ Preseason Invitational in Poland, with a prize pool of $ 500, 000. Furthermore, we will also be getting TwitchCon tournament at the end of the month (September 27 to 29). All in all, the scene looks decent, but there’s a lot of space for it to grow.

Respawns New Event Impresses Players

A photo of Wrait from Voidwalker event.
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A new preseason event called Voidwalker started few days ago, and with it, Respawn has improved its relationship with fans. Many players like it, but it didn’t start perfectly. Specifically, we are talking about numerous connection issues. Developers have found out that the problem lies in Double XP event, so it was temporarily disabled. It will reappear sometime next week.

Are you hyped for Apex Legends Season 3? Is Apex Legends gonna become an esports favorite? Leave your thoughts below.


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