Crypto and new map, World's Edge
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The long-awaited Apex Legends Season 3, ‘Meltdown’, is finally here. As players begin to update their games, new content has arrived on the battle royale’s online servers, in the form of a brand-new map and a new Legend – Crypto.

Farewell To King’s Canyon

Something unprecedented has happened to Apex Legends in the latest season, as players are bidding farewell to King’s Canyon. The map that launched alongside the game is no longer active, and instead players will be dropping into World’s Edge. Apex‘s new map will be full of new areas to explore, players to kill, and loot to be found.

Of course, this new map does mean that King’s Canyon will be left behind for now. As of the time of this article’s writing, Respawn Entertainment have not announced their plans for the iconic location. Many fans are sure to demand the return of the original locale, but whether or not King’s Canyon will return to matchmaking is still very much up in the air.

The new World's Edge map
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It’s not unlikely that the King’s Canyon will return in its own playlist, or as part of a future event. We’d count on the map getting a few new tweaks before it makes a triumphant return though.

Say Hello To Your New Legend

That’s not all that Apex Legends Season 3 has in store for fans however. The heavily-teased new Legend, Crypto, has finally emerged. The newest character to join the steadily-growing cast is a hacker, and his abilities are sure to prove useful in-game.

Crypto and his drone
Crypto and his drone might just be a game changer in Apex Legends…
Source: Polygon

Crypto’s kit revolves around his unique drone which he can pilot to ping enemies in the nearby area. Enemies close enough will be automatically scanned when within 30 metres of the drone too. When scanned, the player will be visible to the whole team, even through walls, so long as they’re within range.

It’s a powerful ability that is going to work wonders against aggressive plays. Crypto can leave his drone in place to watch his team’s back, recalling it at any time. The new Legend’s ability can then be used again with no delay. However, if a player manages to shoot the drone down, Crypto has to wait before using it again.

The new Apex Legend‘s ultimate ability is an EMP blast, capable of turning the tides in team fights. Using his drone, the Legend can activate the EMP in an area of his choice, slowing down enemies in the area while also dealing up to 50 armor damage and disabling traps.

This drone-based fighting style is sure to come in useful in World’s Edge. The location has a number of long-distance sightlines that players will be able to take full advantage of when striving for the battle-royale victory. On the other hand, those Legends suited to close-range combat such as Caustic and Wattson might struggle to compete with Crypto’s new skills.

The Charge Rifle – Back At Last

The Charge Rifle, wielded by Wraith
The Charge Rifle packs a real punch, just watch it doesn’t burn through your ammo as fast as it does your enemies!
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As for new weapons, the Charge Rifle is the next gun to be added to the game. Making its first-appearance in the Titanfall franchise, the gun was originally an anti-titan weapon. Needless to say, it packs quite the punch.

This iteration of the Charge Rifle will deal up to 90 damage per shot, shooting a large laser when charged up. Unlike similar weapons such as Halo‘s Spartan Laser, the Charge Rifle will shoot a beam immediately as it charges, allowing players to deal damage before a huge blast fires out.

Will you be dropping into Apex Legends‘ Season 3 update? Give the new map and Legend a test before letting us know what you think in the comments below!


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