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A Dev Team Pushed Too Far

Reddit is shocked as Apex Legends’ producer criticizes games fanbase. This move could potentially further alienate developers and fans, deepening the rift that started with the introduction of Iron Crown Event.

The thread in question was started a few days ago as a way to announce changes regarding Iron Crown skins. Many people were angry because skins were too expensive, and you could only obtain them from Iron Crown Packs. Respawn responded quickly by putting limited-time skins in a regular store for a price of 1,800 Apex coins (18 dollars). It seemed everything was going in a good direction until it all descended into a heated debate between Apex Legends fans and executive producer Drew McCoy.

What Started The Argument

It all began with this comment, “The amount of people who spend is crazy low, most of ya’ll are freeloaders (and we love that!)…” This didn’t sit well with the community, and many responded that they would buy skins if Respawn would ease on the prices. After receiving an avalanche of bad responses ranging from, “The skins are too expensive” to not so friendly, “EA is a money-grabbing organization,” McCoy broke, criticizing the community’s vitriol. “I’ve been in the industry long enough to remember when players weren’t complete ass-hats to developers and it was pretty neat”, he responds in self-defense.

A screenshot of Apex Legends producer  comment on Reddit.
After a few exchanges, things got a bit heated
Source: reddit

This only made people angrier, and one user got so far to call Apex Legends devs “money grabbing f*cks.” It didn’t take long before McCoy responded, “Hey everyone- found the dick I was talking about.”. He continues, “I think technically I was calling gamers dicks? I dunno. I had a spicy lunch, feelin’ it.”

To ease the flames, community manager Jay Frechette came to help. “So, it’s fine for you all to call us liars … when we communicate an apology and update to the event but we’re “immature” …” he responded.

Are Apex Legends Skins Too Expensive?

Although Iron Crown legendary skins are now readily available in stores, most players are still not satisfied with the prices. “I love Titanfall, but your whole second game is cheaper than a single skin, a single crate in Apex Legends.”, one Redditor responded. Another guy gave a whole list of full games you can buy for that price.

Redditor gives a list of games that cost as single skin in Apex Legends. A lot of them are pretty good.
Skin price continues to be one of the most groan-worthy elements in an otherwise great battle royale
Source: Reddit

One could argue that Respawn could learn a lot from Epic Games model. In Fortnite, you can buy skins for $12 bucks and the guaranteed unlocks in their Battle Pass system. Still, the company found a way to make a huge amount of profit. If something similar comes to Apex Legends, a lot of people might spend more money on skins.

Is The Apex Legends Community Too Toxic?

The flames are currently subsiding, and new Reddit thread popped up, urging the community “[to be] civil and not resort to full-on toxicity”. Redditor continued, “While we have a right to be upset, we cannot let a few bad apples warrant chopping down the whole tree … let’s not act like all of Respawn is evil here.” This was followed by a response from another developer.

A little light humor might help to ease the tension

I am super proud of the leadership & business teams for getting us from the $60 at the door or gtfo nerds sales model to $0 to play, no P2W cosmetics and battle pass keep the lights on.” The developer concludes, “Obviously we don’t have it all to a science yet …

Indeed. It’s unlikely that players will stop complaining anytime soon, not until Respawn finds a way to drop prices a bit. However, it’s key to remain cool-headed and realize it’s not easy to strike a balance. They’re producing a AAA-tier game with no buy-in requirement from any of their players. That money has to come from somewhere, and given fans keep demanding more content delivered at a faster rate as well? Something’s gotta give. We believe Respawn can work this out – it’s just a matter of time until it all finally clicks.

How can Respawn improve its monetization system?How much should the skins cost in Apex Legends? Give us your ideas below.


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