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OpTic Gaming is experiencing rapid changes as 3 important members have decided to depart from the organization. Specifically, David “Hitch” Edwards, Aaron “Create”, and Michael “Flamesword” Chavez have since left OpTic. Let’s dig into why they walked away from the group.

OpTic Gaming Has A History Of Problems

Internal problems date all the way back to 2017 when Infinite Esports took over OpTic. Many OpTic members weren’t happy with the changes and false promises that followed. Infinite decided to sell to the Immortals Gaming Club in 2019 for $20 million, even though H3CZ, the original founder, also tried to buy OpTic back. Since then, a number of popular players left the OpTic Gaming brand, most notably James Spratt and Marcus “MBoZe” Blanks. This has reached a boiling point in the last few days when Hitch, Flamesword, and Create decided to quit. Hitch made a heartfelt video in which he explains why he thinks OpTic Gaming is over.

Hitch Pours Out His Emotions

“OpTic is no more”, Hitch stated, before going into some detail. “The Infinite thing happened, didn’t work out. The Immortals thing started, it reminded me a lot of the Infinite thing. A lot of us just didn’t want to play ball, so it’s time to leave. OpTic as we [knew] it … I think that’s it”, Hitch said.

Hitch goes on to reminisce on why he joined OpTic in the first place, “I just wanted to bring entertainment to the Greenwall. I was going crazy at home, envisioning things that I would want to see as a fan.”.

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“This has been a long time coming. ”
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OpTic Gaming is one of the more popular gaming organizations in the US that competes in games like Overwatch, CS:GO, and League of Legends. Now, according to Hitch, this will change.“I think that the plan for the name in the future is to become a Call Of Duty team in LA.”. Although we still don’t have much info, it looks like the offices in Los Angeles will only save the name and CoD roster. This was a brand spanned multiple games, but it appears that broader spectrum may be coming to an end.

Flamesword and Create Leave OpTic

Shortly after Hitch announced his departure, Flamesword posted his own farewell on the Twitter page. The former Halo professional player doesn’t seem bitter at all, and announced he has great plans for his future.

As if this wasn’t enough of a shock, Create followed suit mere hours later. “Today was my last day with “OpTic”. The things we accomplished the last 4 years are unmatched. Thank you again.”, he said. Some people speculate that they both might join Minnesota’s Call of Duty team, which is now a home of another ex-OpTic member- MiDNiTe. Although Create might also just focus on a clothing brand he started with MBoZe.

OpTic Gaming Is More Than Organization

Although this is a bleak situation for OpTic, Hitch decided to end his thoughts on a more positive note. He shared just how much OpTic means to him, “It’s more than just a logo, it’s more than just green and black. It’s like a mindset, a mentality, and a family.” Hitch said that even though the situation was tough, OpTic still managed to inspire people to do impressive things. “We were part of something wonderful. And just because that logo doesn’t exist anymore, in the way that we want it too, doesn’t mean that anything changes.”.

Do you think more people will depart from OpTic Gaming? Leave your thoughts below. For more pro player news, click here.


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